Solar Installation Process

We strive to make the process of getting solar a smooth and informative experience.

OptionOneSolar customers have confidence in their investment.

Step 1

Energy Analysis

Our solar experts analyze your energy usage with cutting edge accuracy.

We review your kWh usage, the time of day you use it, and plan for future changes that would effect your energy needs.

Solar Consultation

Our solar experts can analyze your energy usage and design a system specific to your needs. Contact us to learn how much you can save.

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Step 2

System Design

One of our solar experts will design you a system that meets your lifestyle.

We use cutting edge tools along with years of experience to decide where to place the panels on your property to get the best energy production.

Option One Solar only uses industry leading equipment backed by long-term warranties.

Buyers Guide

Read our Buyers Guide
Step 3

Cost Benefit Report

The numbers don’t lie. Going Solar can be as much as 10 times less cost than rising utility rates over time, that’s a big savings.

We will show you your total cost, payment terms, payoff period, and long term savings.

We prioritize transparency to ensure you are never hit with surprises.

Step 4


If you are unable to pay cash, we offer great financing options with low-interest rates and low monthly payments.

With Option One you can own your system and achieve energy independence.

Don’t sign a lease or PPA, with our financing programs we can prove that owning solar is a much better investment.

Step 5


Leave it to our engineering and install teams to hook you up with a reliable solar installation. We don’t subcontract our work to ensure quality control.

Site Survey

One of our friendly technicians will conduct a site survey to ensure we’ve accounted for all the conditions of your home and any preferences you may have.

Plan Design

Our engineers create a precise plan design that is then sent to the city for approval and permits.

Due to Covid, Some cities are not back to full staff and make take longer than usual.


Once we get permits from the city, we will work with you to schedule installation.

Most installs take 1-2 days to complete.

City Inspection & PTO

The city will come out to inspect the install, and give Permission to Operate (PTO).

Monitoring & Support

Your system is operating, we set you up with monitoring for your system, and provide you with long-term ongoing support.

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Before You Go!

Did you know?

You could be saving hundreds per month on electricity and now is the best time to take advantage of the 26% federal tax credit. One of our solar energy consultants would be happy to explain how it all works.

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