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Residential Solar Installation

In all of our residential solar projects, we use top-performing tier 1 solar panels to maximize the amount of energy produced by your home solar system. Our residential solar package consists of several different installation options to accommodate any type of roof in California, Arizona, and soon Nevada.

Types of Installations

Pitched Roof

Pitched Roof Installations are the most common form of residential solar module installation. The support components are strong, allowing this system to function successfully in any type of weather condition. Pitched Roof Installations are low-risk and available for just about every type of roof.

Flat Roof

Flat Roof Installations help to accommodate houses with flat roofs. Solar modules are placed tilted up in order to capture the sun’s natural path of progression. The tilted solar modules, and when coupled with our top performing bifacial panels, they can produce up to an additional 10% to 15% backside energy for your solar module system.

Ground Mount

Ground Mount Installations are available for residential properties where the roof isn’t suitable for the placement of solar modules. Solar modules are placed on any form of open land space, and when coupled with our industry-top performing 400 watt bifacial panels, they can produce up to an additional 30% backside energy for your solar module system (up to 520w per panel).


Carport Mounted Installation serves a dual purpose for the owner, providing shelter as well as producing clean energy for your residential solar property. Our Carport Installation comes in three different options: CantileverT-Type, and Custom Structural Steel, and when coupled with our top performing 400 watt bifacial panels, they can produce up to an additional 30% backside energy for your solar module system (up to 520w per panel).

Understanding Quotes

At Option One Solar we want to make sure you fully understand the financial quote about your commercial or residential property.

Installation Process

There are several residential solar installation options to choose from in the High Desert and San Bernardino county areas. Our experienced team at Option One Solar is committed to making the switch to solar as simple as possible for our customers. While the process can vary depending on your lifestyle or financial situation, here is what most customers can expect when they’re ready to get started.

Some of our happy customers.

Greek Adventures
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They worked with us explaining the entire process. KC helped us design the perfect system for our needs. The crew was stellar and super efficient as well as very personable. The system seems to be working amazing and we’re looking forward to be energy independent. I would highly recommend option one solar. Thank you for your professionalism and helping us navigate the solar world.
John D.
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A professional, reliable, and honest solar installing company that I have contracted to install solar panels on my house last week, 1/7/21. The whole process was so easy, from the very competitive quote, work planning, engineering design, and the final city Inspection like a breeze.
Carlos A.
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Option One Solar was our choice for solar after looking into various other companies. We are 110% satisfied! The entire process was a great experience, from the design work with KC to the final installation. Option One’s installation crew did a very professional and clean job.
Gerrit S.
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5 stars Sales rep outstanding. Saved us 10K by explaining costs of other quotes. Also provided info on how and who was charging us for electriciity.
Michael S.
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Everything about Option One Solar was amazing! Ashton in sales worked to make out project happen. The installers were quick, efficient and professional. They were able to answer every question we had and kept us up to speed on the entire process. I would highly recommend using Option One Solar!

Solar Consultation

Our solar experts can analyze your energy usage and design a system specific to your needs. Contact us to learn how much you can save.

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