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Solar Buyer's Guide

Paying your electricity bills just gives your money away to the electric company. Solar panels and batteries are a home investment that creates energy and value while helping to lower emissions and ease the burden on the power grid.

Free Solar Guide for All Solar Shoppers

Solar Buyer Guide

Why Choose OptionOneSolar?

The end to end solar company with years of experience.

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Safeguard Yourself Against Rising Energy Bills

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Simple Virtual Process

We can provide you with an accurate quote after a short phone call. We will assess your energy needs and show you your opportunity to save money every month.

Financing Options

You can go no money down and no money out of pocket for 6 months. We've partnered with some of the best lenders to provide you competitive options.

Customer Support

We are the first to hear about solar customers losing their installer and having no support if their system has trouble. We help them and we'll be here for you too.

Our Services

Rooftop Solar

Residential & Commercial Rooftop Installations

Battery Backup

Peace of mind from rolling blackouts.

Ground Mounts

If your roof isn't an option, we have options.


Commercial solar carport fabrication.

Immediate Savings on Your Electric Bills

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What's Next?


We discuss your energy needs and financial situation.

Custom Quote

Our in-house solar experts design a system to meet your needs.

Start Saving Money

From the moment we turn on your system you'll feel lighter.

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