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We have thrived for 50 years because of hard work and dedication. We love feedback from our customers, and we rely on verified customer reviews and ratings to help up constantly improve our solar projects. All of us show our commitment every day and make Option One Solar the best solar provider in California. Our experience and reputation can speak for themselves, read our solar reviews below:

Read Hundreds Of Our Solar Reviews Directly From Customers

See what our customers have to say about the best solar company near them before you by solar for your home. Read verified options below and see what your neighbors from San Bernardino to Los Angeles think of Option One Solar.

The people at Option One are great to work with. I wanted a ground mounted solar energy system. Most other companies were reluctant to install solar on a ground mount. No problem for Option One. They worked with me and accommodated all of my preferences. My 4KW ground mounted system is working great.
Jeff G.
San Bernardino, CA
At the end of each day they cleaned up the site to above standards so as to not interfere with our life style. As in any project this size there are always a couple of things that need to be corrected and they were very prompt in correcting all issues. I'm extremely happy how everything has turned out. Would recommend them for anyone.
Wayne N.
Anaheim, CA
They worked with us explaining the entire process. KC helped us design the perfect system for our needs. The crew was stellar and super efficient as well as very personable. I would highly recommend option one solar. Thank you for your professionalism and helping us navigate the clean energy world.
Yucca Valley, CA
San Bernardino, CA
I wanted a solar energy company that does good work and stands by their work and product. After reviewing many reviews of many companies I chose option one. They were not the cheapest or the most expensive. I felt they were reasonable and trustworthy which to me is more important.
Jeff G.
San Bernardino, CA
They offered me the highest quality equipment and materials and a custom design to fit my energy efficiency requirements. Their installation crew was very knowledgeable and informative. They finished the job in a very expeditious manner! High quality installation techniques. Great 25 year warranties. Reliable company.
Douglas M.
Apple Valley, CA
Everything about Option One Solar was amazing! Ashton in sales worked to make our solar project happen. The installers were quick, efficient and professional. They were able to answer every question we had and kept us up to speed on the entire solar panel installation process. I would highly recommend using Option One Solar!
Michael S.
Victorville, CA
From the beginning Option One was very helpful with our solar panel installation. Made sure we reviewed all options and provided all information we needed to make the best choices for our energy storage needs. Would definitely recommend to someone interested in solar panel systems.
Bryant D.
Fontana, CA
Saved us $10K by explaining costs of other solar loan quotes. Also provided info on who was charging us for electricity. Personnel in local Palm Springs office were always keeping us informed on status of install, hookup, inspection. Always willing to take calls and answer my concerns. Excellent company.
Garrit S.
Palm Springs, CA
I chose Option One based on the recommendation of my neighbor. Everything they promised, they delivered. My HOA was very insistent that the panels not be visible from the street. The installers installed them according to the plan they submitted, but they were still visible from the street. I called, and the very next day, the installers came back and moved the panels so that they were not visible. So far, the solar panel system has been running great and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended!
Tom P.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Option One is a solar provider that is easy to deal with and fair prices. The solar panel installation process was easy and great solar financing rates. Definitely recommend them.
Antonio A.
Silver Lakes, CA
Option One explained everything so I could understand and was more than willing to answer any question I had before I committed to solar energy.
Silvia G.
Hesperia, CA
Solar is going to be the future. Plus solar net metering is cheaper than this new Edison TOU plan. I've called, was quoted and dealt with numerous companies and KC at Option One Solar was by far the most competent and honest person I have spoken to.
David P.
Rialto, CA
Option One Solar was our choice after looking into various local solar companies. We are 110% satisfied! Option One’s solar installation crew did a very professional and clean job.
Carlos A.
Riverside, CA

We Are The Solar Company That Your Neighbors Trust

This is just a small sample of hundreds of the great solar reviews we have received from our long history of work. We are honored to provide our unmatched solar services to the thousands of customers that have placed their trust in our company. Don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews yourself:

Choosing A Solar Contractor In 2021

When you research the large, national solar corporations you will find mostly negative reviews. A majority of these bad solar reviews deal with complaints of poor maintenance service and lousy communication with customers.

Even solar companies like Tesla, which makes great equipment, but provides some of the worst solar installations and customer service in the industry. Then there are websites that provide thousands of local solar companies for you to review, like But they charge the solar companies fees for positive reviews and then sell the customers back to the solar providers. Who can you trust?

The best choice for a local solar company is Option One Solar. You can read our solar reviews for yourself, and we have been voted best solar company for 5 years in a row. We are a family-owned solar contractor with our own licensed solar installation crew. The solar energy systems we provide are responsibly priced to reflect our long-term 25-year commitment to support your home when you go solar with us.

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