6 Benefits Of Solar Power

Solar power is generated from the sun's radiation and can be converted to electricity as an economical energy source for homes and businesses. It is widely available today, and thanks to the technology advancement throughout the years, solar energy is cheaper and more accessible in everyday life.

But why homeowners and businesses are considering going solar, let's dive into the 6 benefits of solar power.


Solar Impact On The Environment

Solar power has the least negative environmental impact than any other energy source.

  • It does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute our water sources.
  • All parts and components of solar panels can be easily recycled and repurposed.
  • Multi-function applications that improve the living environment: Carport system and solar cover on water preserves.

Solar energy systems also require less maintenance and almost zero water consumption (regular rainfall can keep your solar panels clean and efficient).

In addition to that, another significant benefit of solar power is that it is quiet. With no moving parts, solar panels don’t make any sounds! It makes solar energy installation in heavily populated areas more viable and environmentally friendly.

Your solar will also work during cloudy days with lower power production. With general rainfall in California, your solar system does not require a high frequency of maintenance over 25 years. The solar panel is built to last in harsh conditions.

Solar Energy Reduces Your Electricity Bill

Generating your own electricity means that you will consume less electricity from the local utility grid, and you don’t have to rely on utility companies.

A properly designed solar energy system will generate more electricity than you need. With the Net Energy Metering (NEM) program, you can sell your overproduced electricity to your local utility company. In return, you will get energy credits that you can use when you need, like at night when there is no sun.

solar investment credit 2022 to 2032
Updated 08/16/2022 – New Solar Investment Credit

Owning your solar panel system can also help reduce the grid stress because you are helping provide your additional energy to all your neighbors that still pay electric bills.

Solar Energy Production During Peak Sun Hours

During the day, energy demand tends to be the highest in the late afternoon, from 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Because of that demand, most Southern California utilities have implemented a TOU (time-of-use) plan. Naturally, solar power reaches its maximum production capacity in mid-day, not during the peak demand hours.

The weather in Southern California makes it ideal for generating solar energy from the morning to the afternoon because of the availability of sunlight. According to the National Solar Radiation Database, California gets an average of 6 peak sun hours per day.

The solar energy produced during the day should provide enough utility credits to pay for the electricity use during peak TOU hours and throughout the night.

Applications Of Solar Panels

Solar power can be set up anywhere as long as there is sunshine. This particularly useful feature can benefit remote regions and give them access to electricity.

Solar energy's flexibility also gives many outdoor enthusiasts an environmentally friendly experience to enjoy their outdoor adventures.
Solar Carports are another excellent example of solar power applications. With the use of bifacial solar panels, it can generate 30% more electricity than traditional solar panels with a limited area design.

solar carport solar energy system

The carport solar system doubles as a shaded parking area with energy-generating features that benefit any business and the environment.

Solar Power Improved Grid Security

The higher the population in one area, the more energy people will consume. Solar power can improve grid stability and reduce energy consumption to prevent incidents like frequent blackouts due to insufficient power.

For example, existing rooftop solar systems serve as thousands of tiny green energy production hubs that provide stable, renewable energy to the massive grid daily.

Solar Job Creation

Solar power also helps generate thousands of jobs in the local area.

Over the past decade, US solar employment has doubled from more than 105 thousand jobs in 2011 to over 255 thousand jobs in 2021, based on the solar job growth report from electrek.

At state-level solar job growth, California continues to lead with 75 thousand of new solar jobs in 2021.

Solar power benefits homeowners and businesses and powers the local economy.

National solar job 2020 - 2025
Data from CENSUS 2020

Adopting solar energy in the Golden State is easy and saves you money.

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