Solar Carport: Maximize Your Solar Energy Potential

A solar carport is a structure that provides shade for vehicles while generating electricity from the blocked sunlight.

Our solar carports are comprised of specially designed solar panel systems mounted on custom-made metal frameworks specifically fabricated for your residential or commercial property.

Solar carport systems are becoming increasingly popular for generating clean and renewable energy while providing shelter for vehicles in the bright California sun.

As a study shows that an estimated 14-20% of cities’ total surface area is covered in parking lots.

Additionally, the electricity generated from solar carports can be used to power lights, air conditioners, and other appliances, further reducing energy costs.

The carport solar power system can be very useful in a variety of different properties, including parking lots, residential driveways, and commercial buildings.

  • Solar carports may even be more efficient than roof-mounted solar panel systems because they have to be installed at the angle of the roof, which is not always optimal for capturing sunlight. Rooftops may also be shaded by trees, chimneys, or other structures.
  • Solar carports, on the other hand, can be positioned to face the sun directly, which gives them an advantage.

solar carport installation carport parking structure

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Benefits of Ground-mounted Solar Panel Systems

Our Solar Carport Installation Process:

  • Determine the location and size of the solar carport system. The location of the carport solar system should be chosen carefully to ensure that it receives maximum sunlight throughout the day. The size of the system will depend on factors such as the amount of electricity needed and the space available for a carport.
  • Carport Engineering. Need information about the engineering steps. The design and planning process for a carport solar system involves designing the size and orientation of the carport, after selecting the location and angle for the solar panels, and then developing the electrical systems needed to transmit the generated electricity. The design process may also involve adhering to local building codes and regulations while coordinating with local jurisdictions and clients for approvals to ensure that the solar carport system is properly planned out.
  • Obtain all necessary permits and approvals. Before installing the carport solar system, it is crucial to obtain all necessary permits and approvals from local authorities. This typically involves submitting the engineered plans of the proposed system and obtaining any necessary building permits.
  • Carport Construction. Carports can be freestanding or attached to a building, and ours are typically made of metal and/or structural steel. The construction involves site preparation, foundation work, framing, general construction, and other finishes. It will involve inspections to ensure that the structure meets local building codes and regulations. Solar carports can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner or business owner, including the size, shape, and design of the structure.
  • Install solar panels and inverters. The solar panels and inverters are typically installed on the carport, using a mounting system designed specifically for this purpose. We position the panels to get the most sunlight and put the inverters somewhere easy to reach for maintenance.
  • Solar battery backup system installation. If the solar carport system is designed to include a battery backup, it will be installed at this point. The batteries will be installed in a location protected from extreme heat or cold and easily accessible for maintenance and repair.
  • Connect the system to the electrical grid. The solar panel system is connected to the electrical grid using a special meter that measures the amount of electricity being produced by the solar panels. This allows excess electricity to be sold back to the grid.
  • Test the solar carport energy system before usage. After all parts are installed and connected, the carport solar system is tested to ensure proper functioning. The system is Permitted To Operate (PTO) and officially turned on to provide clean, renewable electricity once it successfully completes all tests and inspections.

solar carport solar energy system solar parking structure commercial solar

Pros and Cons of Solar Carport System


  • Option One Solar uses Bifacial solar modules on the carport that can produce up to an additional 25% from the backside.
  • Reduced Electric Expenses
  • Increased Property Value
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Great ROI
  • 30% Federal Solar Incentive Credit (Solar ITC)


  • Higher costs for materials, engineering, and construction.
  • The solar carport system is a permanent structure that is built over a parking area. It may not be suitable for properties with limited space.

Ultimately, whether or not a solar carport system is right for you will depend on your specific situation and needs. Consult with us for a free assessment to see if a solar carport makes sense for your property.
Option One Solar specializes in residential and commercial carport solar systems. If you have questions about your future carport solar, we are here to help.

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