The Best Solar Panels Installation In Barstow

Trivia: In 1929, The Barstow International Airport opened, which was one of the first national airports in America. The site near Lenwood Road and National Trails Highway was chosen by Charles Lindburgh for TWA (known then as TAT) airline.

As part of the Mojave Desert, Barstow is a long-time proven environment for solar energy production. The high temperatures also bring high electricity bills for homeowners without solar panels. 

These conditions can lead to more than 35% above the national average increase for their electricity. The good news is, Option One Solar is here to help.

How to prepare for going solar:

  • Gather your electricity bills from the last 12 months so that you have a detailed record of your energy usage.
  • Think about any future changes you might have in mind, like new additions to your family or home. (Such as new appliances, pools, pets, or children)
  • Write down your most important questions for our solar experts to ease your doubt.
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The Best Solar Panels Installation In Southern California

Barstow is bathed in sunlight almost all year long, which is why it was chosen as the site for attractions like Solar One/Two, the first large-scale solar power plant ever made. Barstow has been providing California with solar energy since the 1970s!

Local Solar Power Experts - Barstow Solar Installers

The generous sunlight in Barstow yields enough energy in one hour to provide electricity to the entire city for a year. 

Whether your solar panels are for your home or commercial installation, and will be connected to the grid through net metering,  employing local Barstow solar panel installation experts will ensure your satisfaction and provide for quick follow-up and maintenance.

All of us at Option One Solar provide professional solar installation at no cost upfront, affordable financing options, and top tier solar equipment in the local area.

The Lowest Energy Cost

We offer the best options for homeowners shopping for solar panels in Barstow. Federal incentives & tax credits for solar provide great investment savings. And the cost of solar equipment is getting lower and lower each year. 

solar investment credit 2022 to 2032
Updated 08/16/2022 – New Solar Investment Credit

Solar owners in Barstow typically see their systems pay for themselves in around 6 years. When you purchase a solar panel system, you create a fixed cost for your electricity for the entire lifetime of the panels, which just gets lower with time. 

With local utility companies, you can expect a rate increase of at least 10% each year. Instead, invest that money from the electricity bill back into your home with solar from Option One.

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The Best Solar Company

Option One Solar has been voted the best company for solar installation and service, by the people and for the people—for 5 years and going

Barstow residents can support the local economy in a number of ways by going with a local business that is established and ready to provide support for your home for as long as you own it.

If you are looking for the best solar company in Barstow, Option One Solar is the best option. 

As the leading provider for residential solar panel installation in all of the High Desert, we are proud to provide long-lasting solar power systems for our local families and communities. 

Dan R.
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Trust me, I had my solar installed by another company but Option One Solar's crew were night-and day-different -- no stress and did not bother us at all.
Jack W.
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I felt they were reasonable and trustworthy which to me is more important. They worked with me to address any concerns I had and I am happy with the work they have done. I have no problems recommending them as their work is excellent. You get what you pay for.
Jason B.
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They were so incredibly helpful every step of the process and were flexible enough to accommodate me when I needed to make changes to the location of our ground-mount array, the configuration, and switching between financing options in the middle of the project. Really great, professional people and company.
Steve L.
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Option One installed my system in 2015. I recently had a panel fail and it wasn't under warranty (as the mfr went out of business), but Scott stepped up and his crew took care of it for me.
Benjamin M.
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Called today and spoke with one of your staff members (Esmeralda) she was very nice, patient, friendly, and most importantly very helpful in finding me exactly what I was looking for... She’s definitely the type of employee you want taking your calls.
Ryn C.
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KC (from Option One) answered most of my questions immediately, and when something came up he couldn't answer, he did the research and got back to me promptly. Off-grid vs on, battery backup alternatives, the extension of the federal subsidy were all issues he helped me with. Even over the holidays, when most offices are not so responsive, Option One was a resource I could turn to.
Earle K.
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Knowledgeable, professional, and patient. I ask a lot of questions. Option One explained all the options, helped me calculate the requirements and the cost, and always kept me in the loop. Look no further, if you want an excellent experience for your solar project.
Jennifer Z.
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I thought I needed to buy more (panels) to add to My home. Option One took the time to listen to what was going on and instead of them taking Advantage of a Female and selling me more which I didn’t need they told me what I needed to do. They followed up with me and made sure I did it. Thanks Option One, you saved me from spending $35,000 that I didn’t need to.
Jesiline S.
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Everyone at Option One Solar is so helpful, awesome, very professional. They helped me in a time when (other companies) abandoned me without notice. I will forever be very grateful! Thank you Option One Solar!👍

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