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The blog for our SoCal families and communities to have the best ideas for the solar industry. Our professional team is always on top of the latest news, updates, and knowledge to prepare just for you, so you can get ready to go solar without being blindsided by other shady solar brokers.

electric costs going up
Solar Industry

Utility Rates Are On The Rise!

California utility rates are already the highest in the country, and electric bills will continue to rise. Private California utility companies keep fighting to raise

SCE Utility
Solar Blog

NEM 3.0 Is Coming!

(The information provided on this page has been provided by CALSSA. Since NEM 3 is still being finalized, all information is subject to change) Electric

Choosing Solar
Solar Blog

5 Steps To The Right Solar Company

Finding a solar company to trust is generally the most difficult part of going solar for most homeowners. Finding a company you can trust for

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You could be saving hundreds per month on electricity and now is the best time to take advantage of the 26% federal tax credit. One of our solar energy consultants would be happy to explain how it all works.

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