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What Is An EPC Solar Installer?

What Is An Solar EPC?

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, & Construction. In the solar energy industry, it refers to companies that provide end-to-end solar energy services, including system design, parts acquisition, installation, and technical support.

Solar EPC companies are more comprehensive, experienced, and reliable than any typical solar contractor. 

Commercial Solar for Business

EPC companies are typically found in the commercial solar sector. Companies that install utility-scale solar power systems need to have every part of the system working great so that nothing is held up.

Option One Solar is proud to provide Commercial Solar Installation services for businesses all across Southern California. Our industry-leading EPC services start with expert solar designs from our engineering team.

After installing the commercial-sized solar energy system, solar EPC companies will continue to provide support with regular maintenance check-ups to ensure optimum energy performance.

Solar Engineering & Design

Our solar engineering team will customize the design of each system to suit the specific needs and requirements of your business and/or property.

We will provide an insight ROI (return on investment) preliminary report to better illustrate the construction cost and long-term solar energy benefits.

Project time may vary based on size and scale. Option One Solar will continue to report all roadmap updates during the process to ensure the communication is open with clients.

Steps In Our Engineering & Design Process:

  • Evaluation of client solar energy needs and requirements
  • Perform site surveys for suitable preliminary designs – rooftop solar, solar tracker system, solar carport, or solar canopy.
  • Monitor prevailing weather patterns and conditions
  • Determine solar equipment for use and ROI forecasting
  • Create the 3D model of the solar energy system preview

Solar Equipment & Procurement

Option One Solar has developed dependable relationships with the most distinguished and reputable solar manufacturers in the US, including Tesla, REC, Enphase, Solar Edge, and many more.

These relationships enable us to provide competitive pricing without compromising quality, efficiency, or project timelines. This ensures we will have the right equipment in stock and that we will provide the best warranties on the entire system.

Solar Construction

The last stage of the process involves installing solar panels, racking, and other equipment with interconnection to the grid in line with existing power supply systems.

When working with a licensed EPC solar company like Option One Solar, all the services and equipment come on one contract, under one roof, for the entire project. That means there are no middlemen and no outsourcing for additional services.

The Benefits of Solar EPC

When working with a licensed solar EPC, you do not need to worry about outsourcing or third-party involvement in your solar energy system construction.

The solar EPC will respond to the project from the beginning to the end.

All monitoring and maintenance will be offered after the project is finished.

All services are under one contract for the entire commercial solar project – this means that you only have one bill to take care of.

With Option One Solar, one call does it all!

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Solar Lead Generators, Brokers, Dealers & More

solar dealer solar a ripoff senior calls for help solar power solar energy solar EPC

The solar company you just got a quote from might not even be the same company that comes onto your property to build your solar panel system. Inviting strangers into your business is never a good idea.

When you fill out a form asking if you qualify for “Free Solar,” that is a HUGE RED FLAG. A good way to see if you can trust the company you are talking to is to research reviews and how long the company has existed.

The easiest way to avoid problems like these is to go with a trusted solar EPC company like Option One Solar, your optimum choice to go solar.

Stop Energy Bills

Our solar experts can analyze your energy usage and design a system specific to your needs. Contact us to learn how much you can save.

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