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SCE Customers Already Seeing Utility Rate Increases In 2023

Southern California Edison (SCE) has recently announced rate increases for 2023, which will affect the electricity bills of many customers in San Bernardino County. The increase of utility rates for SCE customers was 17% higher last year, adding around $85 to their electricity bills in 2022. The rates are set to increase even more in 2023.

In a notice sent to all its customers regarding utility rates, SCE gave two main reasons for the increases in 2023:

  • Some of the power we deliver to you comes from natural gas-fired power plants, and the price we pay for natural gas has increased. SCE passes these increased costs of purchased power directly to our customers with no markup. Rising natural gas prices affect utilities and their customers across California and the nation.
  • Ongoing costs of restoring and protecting the electric grid from the effects of extreme weather.

high electric bills utility hikes

How Much Will Your SCE Bills Increase In 2023?

  • Residential Customers: on average, $11.80 per month.
  • Residential Customers in California Alternate Rates for Energy Program: $8.35 per month.
  • Small Business Customers: on average, $31 per month.

    SCE utility rate increase 2023

(These increases were provided by SCE and only applied to non-solar customers. The amount can fluctuate monthly based on actual usage.)

How Can Customers Deal With Constant Rate Increases?

The best way for customers to avoid these rate increases is to eliminate them by installing solar panels in their homes and businesses. Solar energy is an inexpensive source of power that can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for electricity from the grid. By generating their own electricity, customers can save up to 1000% on their bills, turning them into a home investment with solar.

Also, be sure to check with SCE TOU rates. Customers can switch to Time-of-Use rate plans, which charge different rates for electricity depending on the time of day and season. By using more energy during off-peak hours, customers can save on their monthly bills.

Solar Has Proven To Be 1000% Cheaper Than Electric Bills.

With solar power, your bills don’t increase – your return on investment does!

  • Lower energy production costs: The cost of solar panels and installation has dropped significantly in recent years, making it more affordable for homeowners.
  • No ongoing energy costs: Once a solar panel system is installed, there are no additional fuel or energy costs as the sun provides a free and renewable source of energy.
  • Savings on electricity bills: Solar panels generate electricity, which can be used to power a home or business, reducing the amount of energy that must be purchased from the grid and lowering monthly electricity bills.
  • Government incentives: Many governments offer tax credits and rebates for installing solar panels, further reducing costs.

Overall, the rate increases announced by SCE for 2023 can be a significant burden for customers, but by installing solar panels, customers can avoid these increases and eliminate electricity bills in the long run. It’s the best option for both your home and your pocket.

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Stop The Utility Companies From Taking Your Money!

These recent announcements of rate increases by utilities like SCE are a reminder that energy costs will keep climbing, and it’s important to take steps to reduce our dependence on the grid and keep our money in our pockets.

Solar energy is the best option for eliminating electric bills. Solar incentives are changing soon, so if you want to eliminate your bills, you must act now!

Solar is one of the best investments homeowners and businesses can make in this economy right now. Don’t miss out. Turn your bills into a solar investment today!

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