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Understanding Quotes

At Option One Solar we want to make sure you fully understand the financial quote about your commercial or residential property. Down below we’ve listed some important financial aspects you should be aware of when understanding your financial quote.

  • Contract 
    • Always use a licensed contractor in good standing, with proper licensing, liability, and workers comp insurance. Always confirm that the person you are working with is qualified and licensed to quote your solar system. Anyone selling and quoting solar must be the contractor or work for a contractor under a CA state home improvement sales license (HIS). You can check both by going to www.cslb.ca.gov. Refuse to work with anyone unlicensed. Also, it’s always best to work with a contractor that sells and installs their own projects and does not sub-contract the work to other contractors.
    • Always check references and if possible, go see the contractor’s quality of work.
    • Our Option One Solar Salespeople are expertly trained in designing and quoting solar. We use highly accurate quoting software and all of our salesmen are Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS) licensed with the state of CA.
  • Return on Investment
    • Make sure the system cost has a return on investment and years to pay back that makes sense for you. You’re of course looking for the highest return on your investment with the fastest payback. Option One Solar customers look at an excess of 16% on average and many over 20% on the higher end. The higher your electric bill is, the higher your return on investment will be.
    • On average, solar is 10x cheaper than paying for an electric bill. All the money you invest in installing a solar system increases your property value and gives you an annual 10% to 30% back in annual returns!
  • System Offset Percentage 
    • If possible, always size your system to offset 100% of your current electric usage, this way you are never affected by rate increases or tier changes ever again. Be careful here, there are solar companies that will size your system smaller and you will end up still having an electric bill. Option One Solar always builds systems offset 100% if possible, so our customers end up with only a small tax and or connection fee.
  • System Equipment Quality and Price
    • Always look at the numbers. You want the highest performing modules and inverters at a fair price. If the price is very low, be careful. Can they, or will they be in business to honor warranties or guarantees. You also have to consider that the equipment might be subpar. If the price is too high, find out why. Is it justified or just price gouging.
    • Module and PTC ratings are very important. You want to get modules with the highest PTC ratings and inverters with the highest peak performance and efficiency ratings. You also want top name manufacturers who will be in business to honor warranties or ones that have insurance-backed warranties.
    • Option one only uses the world’s highest-performing modules and inverters, with power optimizers that outperform the competition by up to 25%.
  • Professional Contractor ​​
    • There is significant value in using a professional licensed contractor with high quality and references, this mitigates the risk of a bad experience with your solar system when it is installed.​​
      • Experience, great customer service, ability to honor warranties, having the required insurance, etc. all have significant value when deciding on a company to install your solar system. ​​​
  • Just remember the famous words of Benjamin Franklin:​
    • “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

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