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Protect Your Freedom & Your Wallet From For-Profit Utilities

We Are Winning The NEM Battle

But The Solar War Is Far From Over
Join The Fight Here:

Contact The Governor!

Governor Newsom has not yet taken a stand. 

Help us by sending a message to The governor to let him know this is an important issue. The CPUC’s proposal is a terrible deal for all working and middle-class people regardless of income level.

With your help, we can ensure he steps in and stops this disastrous proposal by the CPUC.
Let's stop the Utility Profit Grab!

Donate to Solar Rights Alliance!

Calling all Solar owners to help fight the war on solar and protect our solar credits forever!

We are asking you to donate anything you can to help win this fight, $100 is preferred,
but anything helps

If we fail, connection fees can increase to $78 per month and reverse existing incentives.
Don't let it happen!

What Solar Rights Are Being Threatened?

  • A New Solar Tax – California utilities are pushing the state legislature to start a new solar tax, up to $78 a month, just to use solar panels on your home.


  • NEM 3 – The Utilities want to make solar energy worthless so that everyone must rely on utility electricity.


  • C-46 License – The CSLB is being compelled to change long-standing rules for solar contractors, making it harder to install solar panels on homes.


  • Rollback of existing solar incentives – The CPUC is now proposing to reduce existing cost protection to 15 years and eliminate the protection altogether if you accept their battery rebate.


  • AB 2143 Bill – Utility interest groups want to make installing solar more expensive and slow down clean energy goals, just to increase their profits.

So far, these changes have been unanimously rejected, but the fight continues!

With help from people like you, we have been successful in protecting the rights of every California citizen to choose their energy. Many people choose Solar Energy because it has been the cheapest form of energy for many years.

Our electrical utilities in California are not government entities. Companies like SCE and PG&E are private, for-profit companies that have been given a free pass to run a monopoly on residential electricity all throughout California.

These utilities are not happy that normal people are able to stop them from stealing more money every month with the freedom of solar power.

We thank you for your time and effort in helping us save solar energy in California, which can ensure everyone’s freedom and help keep our Earth running on clean energy.

Call The Governor!

*Disclaimer:  All donations are sent to Solar Rights Alliance – A nonprofit association of California solar users. Their goal is to alert solar users about any threats or opportunities for solar investments, and provide simple and clear easy to make your voice heard. Restrictions may apply. Because they work to influence public policy, contributions are not tax-deductible.

We respect your privacy.

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