Reasons to Go Solar - Top 10 Benefits of Solar

Reasons to Go Solar - Top 10 Benefits of Solar

We at Option One Solar know that there are many different factors to decide before going solar. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider going solar:

  • Solar can be up to 10x cheaper than electric bills! ​
    • Did you know that going solar can reduce or even eliminate your electric bills! By installing solar, you will be generating free power to your residential or commercial property, allowing you to save money on electric and utility bills. 
  • Solar costs 16k on average, after incentives. Electric bills are 100k on average*
    • Long-term financial gain is one of the many reasons to go solar.  After you pay off your system, you're generating free electricity!
    • Simply put, you can pay the electric company 100k OR go solar for 16k for the same energy!
  • Solar adds value to your home and becomes an asset. Electric bills do not!
    • Be in charge ​of where you spend your money! Solar becomes an asset by adding value to your property.
    • Why give your money away to the electric company when you have solar as an option? 
  • Solar homes sell for up to 15% higher than non-solar homes, and faster. 
    • Adding solar significantly increases the overall value of your residential or commercial property. Based on National Real Estate data, your building will sell faster and at a higher price than non-solar buildings!
  • You pay yourself or you pay the electric company, it's that simple!
  • Rates as low as 2.99% and terms up to 25 years.
    • Zero down and zero out-of-pocket financing!​
  • Best warranty available 25/25/25 
    • Going with Option One Solar you also get our 25-year bumper-to-bumper full coverage warranty product, performance, and labor,
  • Find out how much you can save, call now!

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