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Residential Solar Panel Installation In Southern California

In all of our residential solar projects we use top-performing tier 1 solar panels to maximize the amount of energy produced by your home solar system. Our residential solar package consists of several different installation options to accommodate any type of housing property in the High Desert and San Bernardino County.

Getting Started: Our Solar Installation Process

There are several residential solar installation options to choose from in the High Desert and San Bernardino county areas. Our experienced team at Option One Solar is committed to making the switch to solar as simple as possible for our customers. While the process can vary depending on your lifestyle or financial situation, here is what most customers can expect when they’re ready to get started.

Get a Free Residential Solar Quote

Pricing is one of the most important factors when considering your residential solar installation options. That's why we take the time to give you a free solar quote, conduct an Energy Analysis, custom Design your System, and build you a Cost-Benefit Report.

Energy Analysis
Our solar experts analyze your energy usage with cutting edge accuracy. Reviewing your kWh usage, the time of day you use it, and plan for future changes that would effect your energy needs.
System Design
One of our solar experts will design your residential solar system to meet your lifestyle. With cutting edge tools and years of experience to decide where to place panels on your home property for the best solar energy production
Option One Solar only uses industry leading equipment, backed by long-term warranties.
Cost Benefit Report
We will show you your total cost, payment terms, payoff period, and long-term savings for your residential solar installation. We prioritize transparency to ensure you're never hit with surprises.

Most Customers pay over 50% less for energy by going solar and escape rising utility rates. The numbers don't lie.

Financing & Contracts

If you are unable to pay cash, we offer great financing options with low interest rates and low monthly payments.

With Option One, you can own your system and achieve energy independence. No fishy leases or PPA's here.

Residential Solar Installation

Leave it to our solar engineering and installation team of experts to hook you up with reliable a home solar installation. We don't subcontract our work, to ensure quality control.
Site Survey

Your Option One Solar team will come out to the property and measure the area where your solar panels will be placed, as well as the sun exposure

Once this is completed, your team will custom design your entire system.

Plan Design

A team of solar experts will design the best residential solar energy system for you and your home.
Option One Solar will then submit your plans to the city in which you reside, and be issued a construction permit for your project.

*Due to Covid, city approvals are taking longer than ususal.

Your residential solar system installation will take place after permits have been issued and we have scheduled your installation date with you. 

Our professional solar installation team takes 1-2 days to have your solar energy system installed.
City Inspection & Permission to Operate (PTO)
We will get your residential solar system cleared by the city, as well as notify your utility company.
And finally, the day you've been waiting for! Your utility company gives PTO and start powering your home with your residential solar system!
Monitoring & Support
Once your solar panel system is operating, we will set you up with monitoring, and provide you with long-term ongoing support.


You will receive an aftercare package with all supporting documents.
Earn Referrals!
Don’t enjoy your new sun powered home by yourself, let your friends know about us and we will give you a $500 bonus when they sign on!

How Much Does it Cost to Install Residential Solar Panels?

With solar power energy in your home, you're able to save more money paying for utility bills with solar and the solar panel bill, at a fixed rate. Your regular energy bills will almost double over the course of 12 years.
For southern California, the average pricing for residential solar panel installation is around $16k. This price does not include state incentives or tax benefits. Whereas electric bills can reach an average of $100k or beyond. Going solar can reduce or even eliminate your electric bill.
Residential solar power cuts your electric bill by 90% or more. With rates as low as 2.99% and terms as long as 25 years. It is important to note that the higher your electric bill tends to be, the higher your return will be on investment.
With Option One Solar, you pay no upfront costs with zero down and zero out-of-pocket financing. The best way to get an accurate price for residential solar power is to contact us for a free solar quote today!

Financial Benefits for Homeowners in High Desert and San Bernardino, California
-Residential solar power adds property value to your home. Homes with solar panels sell up to 15% faster as well as selling for higher prices.

-One of the biggest benefits residential solar power brings is long term financial gain. After your system is paid off, you’re generating free electricity!

-Solar panels installed on roofs reduce the internal temperature by an average of 5 degrees F, resulting in lower heating costs.

4 Types of Solar Installations

Pitched Roof Installation
Pitched Roof Installations are the most common form of residential solar module installation. The support components are strong, allowing this system to function successfully in any type of weather condition. Pitched Roof Installations are low-risk and available for just about every type of roof (i.e. shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, metal, rock, shake, etc.). When coupled with our industry-top performing bifacial panels, they can produce up to an additional 5% to 8% backside energy for your solar module system depending on your roof type.
Ground Mount Installation
Ground Mount Installations are available for residential properties where the roof isn't suitable for the placement of solar modules. Solar modules are placed on any form of open land space, and when coupled with our industry-top performing 400 watt bifacial panels, they can produce up to an additional 30% backside energy for your solar module system (up to 520w per panel).
Carport Installation
Carport Mounted Installation serves a dual purpose for the owner, providing shelter as well as producing clean energy for your residential solar property. Our Carport Installation comes in three different options: Cantilever, T-Type, and Custom Structural Steel, and when coupled with our top performing 400 watt bifacial panels, they can produce up to an additional 30% backside energy for your solar module system (up to 520w per panel).
Flat Roof Installation
Flat Roof Installations help to accommodate houses with flat roofs. Solar modules are placed tilted up in order to capture the sun's natural path of progression. The tilted solar modules, and when coupled with our top performing bifacial panels, they can produce up to an additional 10% to 15% backside energy for your solar module system.

How Residential Solar Power Works

After you have had residential solar panels installed, sunlight will be absorbed through the photovoltaic (PV) panels. This initial energy absorption creates what is called a Direct Current (DC), but this is not fit to power your home properly. The DC is then sent to an inverter to become Alternating Currents (AC) that will be sent to your homes’ switchboard, allowing you to use this solar electricity throughout your home. Net metering will then record the amount of energy brought by your residential solar panels, as well as any extra energy. Unused power is sent to your local power grid which results in a credit on your electricity bills. There’s no need to worry about turning your solar power system on or off to achieve this, the system will do that automatically.

Start Saving Money

For 2021, start off on the right foot and get a NET ZERO utility bill!
​25-Year Full Coverage Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty
$0 Down and $0 Out-Of-Pocket Financing​

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