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NEM 3.0 What You Need To Know – Solar Session EP 5

Published: Jan 05th, 2023 | Duration: 12:07 | Solar Session EP 5

NEM 3.0 What You Need To Know – Solar Session EP 5

Listen to our latest episode from our solar learning podcast – Solar Session

Welcome back to Solar Session.  In this episode, we are breaking down the NEM 3 decision passed in December of 2022 and what it means for the solar industry moving forward. During our discussion, we discuss how and why such a decision can be made against the best interest of every citizen in California. Unfortunately, we have lost this battle, but the war for renewable energy keeps going.

Option One Solar has installed over a thousand solar power systems for homes and businesses, so we know a few things and would like to educate the world about solar energy. Our unique approach allows us to manage your solar panel installation efficiently from beginning to end, saving your project time and money!

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Solar Session Podcast | Option One Solar

Solar Session is the place to get your news and industry knowledge all about solar energy. Our goal is to help and guide people to understand everything about solar with our in-house technicians & experts.



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