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Hyundai Bifacial Solar Panel Review

How Does New Hyundai Solar Panel Stack Up?

Hyundai is well-known for its automobiles that have built a reputation as economical and reliable car for families.

Now entering the solar industry, the new Hyundai bifacial solar panel is the latest contender to rival LG bifacial solar panels and REC solar panels.

Hyundai Solar Module

The Hyundai Solar panel we will review today will be “The Dual Black Max” bifacial YH series module. It has 132 bifacial cells, an all-black-module for sleek design, and a 25-year product and performance warranty.

Option One Solar currently carries Hyundai 400W Bifacial “Dual Black Max” solar panels for all SoCal families.

With the incredible power gain from the rear side (5% – 25%), homeowners can get an additional 20W to 100W of additional power for a total of up to 500 Watts, depending on the system installation design.

hyundai bifacial solar panel specs

Bifacial solar panel benefits:

Bifacial solar modules are designed to increase high efficiency for solar absorption through both sides of the panel.

Bifacial solar PV modules initially hit the industry in the 1960s. However, they have become relevant again over the past five years, thanks to new passivated emitter rear cell (PERC) technology.

Key benefits of bifacial solar panels:

  1. More sunlight to absorb – The bifacial panel can absorb sunlight that bounces off any objects and hits the panel’s backside.
  2. Better cloudy day production – Bifacial panels can be more productive on cloudy days when more sunlight is absorbed.
  3. Built to last – Bifacial panels are durable enough to sustain harsh weather conditions even with the extra solar cells on the back.
hyundai bifacial solar panel roof mount
Credit: Hyundai Energy Solution

Hyundai VS LG Bifacial Solar Panels

LG, also from South Korea, is well-known for its high-performance solar panels all around the solar industry.

A direct comparison between LG solar panels and Hyundai bifacial PV modules shows that the maximum power gain from a bifacial panel is the major difference between them.

With a proper ground mount setup for the bifacial solar module, homeowners can expect a 25% power gain from the Hyundai “Dual Black Max” bifacial module.
Additionally, the number of solar cells on Hyundai can benefit customers with limited space.

You can typically install fewer panels to generate the same amount of electricity. Fewer panels mean less racking and wiring is necessary, which helps cut down on overall equipment and installation costs.

So Hyundai Bifacial modules give overall better power performance and a better return on your investment.


Type Cell Panel Power Maximum Power Gain Efficiency Panel Size



Bifacial 132

400 W


20% 75” x 41”

25 yrs

LG Bifacial 72 400 W 450W 19.3% 80” x 40”

25 yrs

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Hyundai Bifacial Solar Panel  VS REC Monofacial Solar Panels

Traditional solar panels are also called monofacial, which refers to a solar panel that can only absorb the sunlight on one side.

REC has recently gained popularity as a solar panel manufacturer due to its efficiency and excellent durability.

We will use the REC Alpha Pure Series to compare with our new contender, The Hyundai “Dual Black Max” Bifacial Solar Module.

Brand Type Cell Panel Power Maximum Power Gain Efficiency Panel Size Warranty


Bifacial PV 132 400 W 500W 20% 75” x 41” 25 yrs
REC Monofacial PV 132 400 W


21.6% 71.7” x 40” 25 yrs
REC N-Type Monofacial PV 120 370 W 0 20.3% 69.1” x 40.9”

25 yrs

In the specs comparison, we can see REC has better efficiency and size because of its heterojunction cell technology (HJT).

In simple terms, it is a bifacial cell technology that uses two different materials, resulting in huge band gaps leading to the best available passivation technology.

With this cell technology, REC bifacial cells can improve the amount of energy harvested through light capture at the cell’s rear. What all of that means is REC panels usually have greater panel efficiency because no light can escape.

However, the most essential value that Hyundai brings is the additional power gain; even for rooftop installation, we can still expect around a 2% – 5% additional power gain because of the back-side absorption. Essentially, they can just absorb more light.

Also, keep in mind that while we compare to the LG bifacial solar panel, the number of solar cells per module can result in fewer panels on your roof but maintain the same efficiency of energy production.

So again, Hyundai gets another win for its bifacial features and excellent power performance.

Hyundai bifacial solar pv modules
Credit: Hyundai Energy Solution

Upgrade Your Home With Hyundai Solar Panels

Southern California is the perfect place to have a solar-powered home. Whether you use solar power to charge your EV or keep your bills low, the best place to get solar is Option One!

We have new Hyundai “Dual Black Max” Bifacial Solar Panels in stock, and we are ready to install them as soon as you are.

Contact us today to see how much you can save.


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