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Rancho Cucamonga Solar Installation

Trivia: Rancho Cucamonga is home to the oldest winery in the whole state of California, and the second oldest in the entire US, the Thomas Winery started in the 1700s as a Spanish mission vineyard.

California is celebrated around the world for its beautiful weather and sunny skies. Rancho Cucamonga is usually recognized for its unusual name, which comes from the Tongva language which is said to mean “light over the mountain”. It’s a fitting name, as people here have come to expect sunny days around the year.

For hundreds of years, the community that lives here has used the shining sun to help them grow grapes and produce tasty wines. Even before Napa became the center of the California wine industry, missionaries were making wines here for a long time.

Electricity Usage In The Inland Empire

Homeowners here in Rancho Cucamonga count on clear and sunny weather for most of the year. The great conditions in this city can help some people keep their electricity usage down, but in today’s society we are using more electronics than ever. Can you survive without internet access?

Even if you can keep your electricity usage low, the utility rates will keep going up. Especially during important times like when you get home during the summer and need to cool your house down. According to electricitylocal.com, the average electricity rate in Rancho Cucamonga is almost 30% higher than the national average. And investor-owned utilities like Southern California Edison will keep raising rates even higher.

Don’t Pay An Electric Bill - Invest In Solar!

Many homeowners in Rancho Cucamonga and across Southern California have turned to solar energy to fix these problems. Our moderate temperatures and occasional rainfall provide a superb environment for solar panels. Option One Solar has helped many communities in the Inland Empire thrive with solar energy & custom solar panel systems. For over 50 years we’ve helped countless homeowners save money on electricity bills. We have been voted the best solar company in the high desert for 5 years running, and we’re the best reviewed solar company in Southern California.

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Rancho Cucamonga - A Perfect Solar City

Rancho Cucamonga is a great place to raise a family. That’s why real estate development has not stopped for over 20 years. Homes for sale in this city continue to rise in popularity and value, according to Zillow.com. This community continues to grow because of the great opportunities, like good local jobs and an excellent environment for solar energy.

The bountiful sun rays here can generate enough energy in a single hour to power the entire city for a year. While the entire city is not covered by solar panels, many people have invested in solar for their homes to take advantage of the benefits. That’s how we can help you. We provide experienced solar installation at a reasonable cost to do our part to bring affordable electricity to your community!

We offer the best financial options for homeowners interested in going solar. The cost of solar tech goes down every year, but so do the federal tax incentives. Solar PV installation is a risk-free investment that adds a great deal of value to your home and community. Using solar electricity can provide a fixed cost for your electricity, while utility providers continue to raise their prices. Instead of being burdened with these unpredictable electricity bills, you can have guaranteed low payments and huge savings with solar from Option One.

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Go With The Best Solar Company

There’s more to finding the right solar company than just searching Google for “solar companies near me”. When you decide that solar is right for your home, your best option is a local company that can provide service and installation for the entire life of your solar panels.

Option One Solar has been voted the best company for solar installation and service, by the people and for the people—for 5 years and going. People in Rancho Cucamonga can support their local economy in a number of ways by going with a local business that is established and ready to provide the best customer support in the business.

Dan R.
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Trust me, I had my solar installed by another company but Option One Solar's crew were night-and day-different -- no stress and did not bother us at all.
Jack W.
Read More
I felt they were reasonable and trustworthy which to me is more important. They worked with me to address any concerns I had and I am happy with the work they have done. I have no problems recommending them as their work is excellent. You get what you pay for.
Jason B.
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They were so incredibly helpful every step of the process and were flexible enough to accommodate me when I needed to make changes to the location of our ground-mount array, the configuration, and switching between financing options in the middle of the project. Really great, professional people and company.
Steve L.
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Option One installed my system in 2015. I recently had a panel fail and it wasn't under warranty (as the mfr went out of business), but Scott stepped up and his crew took care of it for me.
Benjamin M.
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Called today and spoke with one of your staff members (Esmeralda) she was very nice, patient, friendly, and most importantly very helpful in finding me exactly what I was looking for... She’s definitely the type of employee you want taking your calls.
Ryn C.
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KC (from Option One) answered most of my questions immediately, and when something came up he couldn't answer, he did the research and got back to me promptly. Off-grid vs on, battery backup alternatives, the extension of the federal subsidy were all issues he helped me with. Even over the holidays, when most offices are not so responsive, Option One was a resource I could turn to.
Earle K.
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Knowledgeable, professional, and patient. I ask a lot of questions. Option One explained all the options, helped me calculate the requirements and the cost, and always kept me in the loop. Look no further, if you want an excellent experience for your solar project.
Jennifer Z.
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I thought I needed to buy more (panels) to add to My home. Option One took the time to listen to what was going on and instead of them taking Advantage of a Female and selling me more which I didn’t need they told me what I needed to do. They followed up with me and made sure I did it. Thanks Option One, you saved me from spending $35,000 that I didn’t need to.
Jesiline S.
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Everyone at Option One Solar is so helpful, awesome, very professional. They helped me in a time when (other companies) abandoned me without notice. I will forever be very grateful! Thank you Option One Solar!👍

If you are looking for the best solar company in Rancho Cucamonga, Option One Solar is the obvious choice. As the leading provider for residential solar panel installation in all of the Inland Empire, we take pride in providing efficient and durable solar power systems for our local families and communities. Don’t settle for some huge corporation or pushy salesmen, go with a small business you can trust.

With California’s incentives to go solar, the cost is significantly reduced. The longer you wait, the more your benefits will be reduced, and the more you will cut into your savings.

Give us a call and see how solar can benefit your home for less than you pay now on your electricity bills.

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