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Tesla Wall Connectors

Note: All Tesla vehicles have the charge port located on the rear, driver side of the vehicle. Install charging equipment as close to this as possible.

Upgraded Installation

Tesla Wall Connector

For customers interested in faster home charging, there is some additional optional equipment available when ordering a Model S: Tesla Wall Connector. This is piece of hardware purchased by the customer from Tesla, we will ship it directly to them.

For the fastest charging, using a circuit breaker rated for 100 amps is recommended. Per National Electric Code, the circuit breaker must be rated for 125% of the supplied current, meaning that a 100 Amp breaker can provide a maximum of 80 Amps of continuous current to a Tesla vehicle. In certain home or office locations, this level of power is not readily available.  In this event you can adjust the current setting on the Wall Connector manually ranging from 12 to 80 amp operating current.

Wall Connector circuit breaker options and recharge rates
Circuit Breaker Continuous current Recharge rate per hour
100 A 80 A 58 *
80 A 64 A 47 *
50 A 40 A 29
40 A 32 A 23
30 A 24 A 17
20 A 16 A 11
15 A 12 A 6

Standard Installation

NEMA 14-50 outlet

Every Model S includes a 20 foot long cable called the Mobile Connector, which plugs into a standard NEMA 14-50 outlet as standard equipment.

*Note: Only Model S equipped with Dual Chargers (hardware on-board the vehicle) can accept the full 80 Amp continuous current. Model S equipped with a Single Charger can only accept a maximum of 40 Amp continuous current. The customer can check their configuration options to confirm charger selection.


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