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Ernest P.

“I am very pleased with my 4 months old solar installation. So far with rain, cloudy days during many of those days I’ve had Monthly bills of $9, $9 and $ 4 dollars and one where I used less than I made so it will become a credit. I can’t wait on the summer months with more daylight hours.”

Barbara C.

“All the staff was very professional. The customer service was awesome. They were regularly contacting us and keeping us aware of everything that was going on behind the scenes. They finished on time and on budget!”

William B.

“Adding solar panels was absolutely the best home improvement we could have made. The process was made easy with Option One Solar from the initial call through completion. The employees were very professional and the installation excellent. The first billing cycle after installation produced an Edison bill for .97 cents. Except for the annual Net Metering bill, my monthly bills stay around one dollar. The current bill: $1.01. That is for a home that is 3300 sq. ft. with two HVAC units, a pool and spa. Buying the panels also allowed me to benefit from the rebate and the tax credit.”

Daniel D.

“After going with another solar company first who took 6 months and still no permits being pulled I received a call from Option One and decided to ask them to come take a look. After meeting with them I decided to cancel our installation with the other company. Option one had the permits and everything rolling within 60 days. All the while they communicated with me every step of the way. Once the work started their installers were super to work with. Very friendly, helpful, professional, and most of all they knew what they were doing. Once the work was completed we were really happy with the entire process from start to completion. I would recommend them to anyone who wants solar. They can handle serious electrical work as well as just doing the solar panel work. Some companies we talked to would have to hire a sub contractor to do any serious electrical work. Option One did not. Very very happy with everything. “

Ralph D.

“Paul, at Option One, got us a competitive quote for our commercial solar system in a timely manner. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship!”

M/M Peters

We recently decided to purchase solar electricity for our home in Apple Valley, CA. After investigating solar companies, we selected Option One Corp in Apple Valley, CA based upon:

1) We visited people within our community who, within the last six months, had solar installed by Option One. 2) We were able to observe Option One’s workmanship. 3) Their price was substantially more cost effective.

From the beginning we were treated with concern and respect for all our needs. Once the project began we were extremely satisfied with the outstanding workmanship, professionalism and courtesy. The installers took time to address all our questions. They all really know their business. All office personnel, from initial contact through completion of this project, were extremely knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. All Option One Corp employees have the best interests of their customers as their top priority.

Now that installation has just been completed and based on the above observations, we have and would recommend Option One Corp solar company to anyone wishing to purchase a solar system.


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