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Return On Your Investment - Solar vs. Utility Company

You want a system that offers the best return on investment overall. Always look for the fastest payback and lowest overall cost. Option One Solar customers see in excess of 16% on average and many over 20% on the higher end. The higher your electric bill is, the higher your return on investment will be. **Be very careful when looking for the lowest payment, a lower payment is not always the best deal, leases and PPA almost always have payment escalators, so payments increase each year and have a longer term, so you will pay significantly more in the end, sometimes over 20,000 dollar more easily. Always do the math and calculate the full payments over the full term and see the total payback or cost you will pay.


To understand how significant utility bills are today, let’s first talk about your electric company, they are recording record profits with very high returns for their investors and Board Members. When you pay your high electric bill every month, you are paying for their high profits, think about that. If you could pay yourself instead, of course you would do that, right, well you can.

For example: a $200.00 electric payment over 25 years with 8% historical inflation would cost you $175,000.00, but if you purchased a $25,000.00 Solar system to offset 100% of your electric bill for the next 25 years, you just saved $150,000.00, that’s a lot of money!

To Make matters worse, The California Public Utilities Commission, approved a 5 Billion Dollar Electric Rate Increase, the Highest increase in history, ever! So now you will be paying even more, Electric Bills are projected to increase up to 50% over next 3 years!

Yes 5 Billion, you read it right. This affects about 9 Million Customers. If your rates aren’t already high enough, you may have noticed even higher electric bills starting in June 2015. It get’s worse, this rate increase was made effective and retroactive back to March 2015. Not only can they increase rates, they can now just reach back in time, get in your pocket and take more. That is too much power!

Electric Rates are projected to increase by up to 50% for average residential customers and up to 80% for high users, like customers that need to run their air conditioning and heating more or have older less efficient appliances. This is projected to  translate into an an $85 to $120 per month increase over your existing electric bills.

How can Option One Solar Help?

How does this work?

It’s very simple, at Option One it is our mission to help customers break free of the utility monopoly, stop paying electric bills and become energy independent. With solar you generate your own power for free anytime the sun shines.

How does this work? Option One can install solar with no money down or out of your Pocket, we make it that easy. Once installed you will divert your electric payment toward buying and owning solar, no more electric bills, ever. You own the system outright in just a few short years and then its free electric thereafter. The solar system will offset 100% of your previous electric usage, no more rate increases every again.

How can I get the best return?

Option One has been Providing Expert Services Since 1970, we offer Zero Down, Zero Interest and Zero out of Pocket programs – We use the most reliable and highest performing solar modules in the World – All work is completed by Option One Employees, No Sub-Contractors – We offer a 25 year warranty on material, labor and leaks – We guarantee to have your system installed within 6 weeks or we pay your electric bill!


Call or email Now, we will generate a free Financial Benefit Analysis that will compare the financial benefits of installing solar or remaining with your electric company.

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