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Pool Pumps

Option One sells and installs only the WORLD’S highest quality pool pump and motor packages that have proven performance and reliability.  Our Pumps and motors deliver up to 90% improved efficiency over standard or old pool pumps. We goals is to get our customer the best possible return on investment.

Inefficient and or older pool pumps will use significantly more energy consumption than new variable speed pool pump and motor packages. Option One carries the two top packages. They reduce noise, increase efficiency and more importantly reduce costs. Hayward EcoStar and Pentair IntelliFlo. Both of these are great packages and will reduce power and operating costs each month.

Similar priced but Ecostar comes with 50.00 rebate and 40.00 worth of unions needed for installation. 90.00

Horsepower and RPM Range

The higher the efficiency, the better the returns will be on your investment.

Considering the high speed first (3450 RPM), EcoStar pumps more water and at a lower cost, (396 watts) less per hour of operation or 18% more efficient in Gallons/Watt-hr.

At the slower speed (1000 RPM), EcoStar really out performs IntelliFlo and is 36% more efficient in Gallons/Watt-hr.

California Energy Commission test results



EcoStar 3HP, RPM range of 600 to 3450 (1000 to 3450 on SP3400VSPVR).

(3450 RPM) EcoStar: 98 GPM, 2324 Watts, 2.53 Gallons/Watt-hr

(1000 RPM) EcoStar: 28 GPM, 90 Watts, 17.5 Gallons/Watt-hr


Pentair IntelliFlo 3HP RPM range of 450 to 3450

(3450 RPM) Intelliflo: 97 GPM, 2720 Watts, 2.14 Gallons/Watt-hr

(1000 RPM) 30 GPM, 140 Watts, 12.86 Gallons/Watt-hr

Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Pool Pump



  • Innovative multi-position digital
    control interface.
  • Industry-leading hydraulic design.
  • No-rib basket ensures easy debris removal.
  • In-ground pools of all types and sizes, pool/spa combinations.
  • Fully programmable with a self-contained 24-hour time clock
    with up to eight custom speed and timer functions.


Hayward Ecostar Data Sheet »

Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pool Pump



  • The quietest pool pump you can buy.
  • Dramatic energy cost savings potential.
  • Extraordinary pump life for even greater value.
  • Ability to manage water features.
  • Ability to set minimum and maximum speeds.


Pentair Intelliflo Data Sheet »


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